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WIN Academy - Helping Students Achieve

It's going to be a busy Saturday around Twin Rivers Unified. Approximately 1,500 students will be in classes at 19 of the district's 52 school sites. The K-12 students are enrolled in a new initiative —the WIN (What I Need) Academy.   

"We want every single child in Twin Rivers to be successful and we are excited to offer this extended academic learning and enrichment opportunity for our students," says Rudy Puente, Director of Student Engagement. "WIN Academy is designed to offer students an opportunity to regain instructional minutes. Most of the WIN students have missed one or more days of school due to illness or unexcused absences. This is one way to give them the additional support needed to ensure all students are on a path to academic success."   

WIN began as a pilot last fall at Castori Elementary.   

"The outcomes were encouraging," says Puente. "We saw an increase in the school's average daily attendance and a 4 percent reduction in the chronic absenteeism rate." 

The WIN Academy is open to all students who need additional help to succeed. The Saturday classes last approximately four hours for students to participate in engaged learning through subjects like science, math, reading, art, leadership, technology, social studies and college and career. WIN Academy also offers a meal for students, who must arrive on time and follow all regular school rules, including dress codes. Transportation will not be provided. The WIN Academy will continue through the end of the school year.

For more information about the WIN Academy, please call 1.916.566.1620. 

Posted March 2018