District News

To the Twin Rivers Unified School Community

Our hearts go out to the students, staff and families at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Like all of you, we are deeply troubled and saddened that another horrific act of violence has struck on a school campus. It's just heartbreaking.   

We want to reassure you that safety remains our top priority. We have a comprehensive crisis plan in place that we review and update annually. We are also fortunate to have our own police department to help build a safe school community.  

"Both district and police services staff frequently participate in safety trainings and drills throughout the district," says Twin Rivers Chief of Police David Lugo. "In addition, officers train with other law enforcement agencies in the area. Before school starts each year, we participate in a full-day critical incident response training. With more than 900 cameras throughout the district, we are able to monitor in real time and respond immediately."

Training is just one way in which we do our best to protect students and staff. To promote school safety, officers take an active role in building positive relationships with TR families and community members.   

"While our primary mission is to provide a safe and secure teaching and learning environment, officers often mentor students and serve as role models," says Chief Lugo. "They are familiar with various social services agencies to assist students and families in need. We also meet with community and parent groups and always make ourselves available to anyone with concerns about school safety. We ask that parents discuss with their children how important it is to report suspicious activity at school, in neighborhoods and on social media. They can talk to their school administrator or call police services at 1.916.566.2777 with any concerns about school safety." 

Posted February 2018