Teacher Laptop Information

Tentative Distribution Plan

Below is a tentative distribution schedule for the Lenovo P40 laptops that are being given to teachers. This distribution schedule is subject to change and dates are NOT guaranteed. 

September Distribution

Nova / Vista - 9/1                                                               Castori - 9/1
Hagginwood - 9/6                                                              Northwood - 9/7
Babcock - 9/8                                                                    Woodlake - 9/9
Smythe 7&8 - 9/12                                                            Smythe K-6 - 9/12
Strauch - 9/14                                                                   Rio Tierra - 9/15
Garden Valley - 9/16                                                         Morey Ave. - 9/19
Del Paso - 9/20                                                                 Fairbanks - 9/21
Noralto - 9/22                                                                   Johnson - 9/23
Martin Luther King, Jr - 9/26                                             Keema - 9/27
Grant High School & Grant West -9/28
Grant High School & Grant West - 9/28
Norwood Jr. High - 9/30

October Distribution

Regency Park - 10/3                                                    Westside - 10/4
Orchard - 10/5                                                              Rio Linda High - 10/6
Rio Linda Prep - 10/10                                                 Dry Creek - 10/11
Vineland - 10/12                                                          Joyce - 10/13
Kohler - 10/14                                                              CCAA 7-12 -- 10/17
Miles P. Richmond - 10/18                                           Hillsdale - 10/19
Highlands - 10/20                                                         Allison - 10/21
Pacific High / Pathways - 10/2
 Village 10/25                                                               Ridgepoint - 10/26
CCAA K-6 - 10/27                                                        Sierra View - 10/28

November Distribution

Pioneer - 11/1
Foothill Oaks - 11/2
Frontier - 11/3
Foothill High - 11/4
Foothill High - 11/7
Foothill Ranch - 11/8
Woodridge -11/9
Madison - 11/10
Oakdale - 11/14


We will do most of our communication via email. We will also send out calendar reminders and use whatever other mediums (printed flyers, all calls,) are necessary to make sure you are notified and aware

  • That you are receiving a new device

  • When you should expect to receive the device

  • What steps you need to take prior to our arrival for distribution


Distribution will include delivery of the laptop, installation of the docking station, transfer of data and a white glove service. A master distribution schedule has been created and can be found at Teacher laptop Information . Note: The distribution schedule is subject to change at any time.  Teachers do not have to be present, but will have to leave their old laptop device for us.   The following morning after distribution we will be on site to help you with problems you may encounter.

Moving Data

We will take data from your old laptop and move it to your new laptop. We will have written and video instructions on what you will need to do prior to our arrival to make sure data can be moved. We will send the directions via email and have them again at Teacher Laptop Information

Old Laptops

You will be able to keep their old laptops until June 2017. We encourage you to transition to only having one device. Suggestions for the old teacher laptop would be to use for a substitute teacher or have it as a student device in the classroom. We will send out communication in the Spring time on the plan for collecting the old laptops.

DVD Drives

We will be providing every site with two DVD drives that can be checked out to teachers when they need to teach curriculum that is on DVD's. Please check in with your Principal if you need a DVD drive.