Child Welfare and Attendance

Contact Information:

5115 Dudley Blvd., Bay B
McClellan, CA 95652
Phone: 916-566-1615
Fax: 916-566-1794

CWA Mission Statement

The Child Welfare Attendance Team is dedicated to removing educational barriers and connecting resources for students and families who are: experiencing homelessness, receiving foster care, and for those with attendance or behavior concerns.

CWA Vision

All services through the CWA Office seek to maximize students' learning opportunities to progress toward graduation and prepare for college and career success.

Child Welfare and Attendance Staff

Jane Claar Coordinator, Child Welfare Attendance
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 50852
Tracey Wiltshire Coordinator, Child Welfare Attendance
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 50854
Becky Campora Student Services Intervention Assistant
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 52858
Sheri Canfield Student Engagement Specialist, Senior
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 52859
Jackie Cunningham Student Engagement Specialist Senior
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 52860
Carol Seward Student Engagement Specialist
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 64907