Intradistrict Transfers

Intradistrict Transfers

An Intradistrict Transfer gives permission for attendance at a district school other than that designated by the established attendance area. This transfer should be arranged between the principals of the two schools involved (the school of residence and the school of requested attendance) and must meet the following criteria:

  • Projections indicate there will be sufficient space at the requested school of attendance
  • Special program needs of the student can be met satisfactorily at the requested school*
  • The parent/guardian will provide transportation for their child to and from school.

*For Special Education students:  The parent/guardian should start with the School Psychologist at their school to express their desire to change schools.


  • The parent discusses the proposed school attendance change and reasons for the transfer with the principal of the school of residence.
  • The Intradistrict Transfer Request form is completed by the parent and signed by the principal of the school of residence.
  • The parent takes the signed Intradistrict Transfer form to the requested school for that principal to review.
  • Once a decision is made by the principal of the requested school, a copy is sent to the home school and given to the parent.  School staff notes transfer in Aeries.
  • If the parent/guardian disagrees with the decision of the two site principals, they can contact the Student Services Department at (916) 566-1620.


  • Parent/guardian provides transportation for their child to attend the requested school.
  • Principal is willing to accept the student for a full school year.  Intradistrict agreements expire at the end of each school year and are renewed annually.
  • Approval may be cancelled during the year if continued attendance is not in the best interest of the child(ren), as determined by the principal.  The agreement may also be cancelled by the parent/guardian, after which the student will return to their home school if space is available.
  • NOTE: Before a student is returned to the home school due to behavior or attendance concerns, interventions must be documented by the school site (i.e., SST or Attendance/Behavior meeting, behavior support plan, or attendance contract).  The principal or designee should contact the home school to make sure there is room to return the resident student and to communicate concerns and share the intervention plans that have been attempted.