Student Engagement

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Our Staff

Craig S. Murray Executive Director of Student Engagement
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 50137
Malayvanh Bouaphavong Secretary III
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 50838
Teresa Rowan Director Co-Curricular Activities & Teacher Induction
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Sandy Westerberg Administrative Secretary
  • (916) 566-1600 ext. 50821

Student Engagement Anchor Field Trips

Third Grade Anchor Field Trip - Powerhouse Science Center
  • This provides the opportunity for students to explore, experience, and engage in STEM education.  Students will have a planetarium experience, a self guided tour of the Science Center, and a classroom workshop working with electrical circuits and completing a series of challenges while learning about the Law of Conservation of Energy.
Fourth Grade Anchor Field Trip - California Museum
  • This field trip provides students a tour of the museum and a classroom learning experience about California's journey to statehood, beginning with the Spanish discovery of California, and continuing through the Bear Flag Revolt and the state's admittance to the union as the thirty-first star on the U.S. flag.
Fourth Grade Anchor Field Trip - Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park
  • Students will visit the historic Coloma Valley and explore the location of James Marshall's epic discovery, and pan for gold in the American River.
Fifth Grade Anchor Field Trip - Aerospace Museum of California
  • Students will participate in the engineering design process as they build planes and rockets, and explore hover ports, and wind tunnels, all while uncovering the fundamental principles of flight.
Sixth Grade Anchor Field Trip -  Overnight Outdoor Learning Science Camp
  • Students will be taught by experiential educators with lessons that build critical thinking and collaboration skills.

3rd Grade Anchor Trip to Powerhouse Science Center

4th Grade Anchor Trip Photos - Marshall Gold Discovery

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Student Engagement System Thinkers

Debra Thorne and Adam Saldana proudly display their Systems Archetype.