Parent Engagement

  • 5115 Dudley Boulevard, McClellan, CA, 95652
  • (916) 566-1600
  • (916) 566-3586


The Twin Rivers Unified School District Parent Engagement team aims to help parents, community members, and teachers work collaboratively to create a district-wide culture of mutual respect and positive relationships. Together, we can create an environment where all students learn to their fullest potential, respect one another's differences, and prepare for college and career in a caring and safe community.   

    Mission Statement

    The Parent Engagement team strives to provide engaging opportunities for parents and the community to strengthen learning at home and school-home communication.  Building strong bridges between TRUSD, families, and the community is critical in creating the conditions necessary to promote a shared sense of responsibility for the academic, emotional, and social well-being of each student.  

    Our Staff

    Yolanda Falkenberg Interim Principal, Castori Elementary
    • (916) 566-3420 ext. 20300
    Martha Florez Administrative Clerk-Senior
    • (916) 566-1600 ext. 64107
    Heriberto Soto Parent Engagement Educator
    • (916) 566-1600 ext. 50019