Back to School Summer Letter Process

1.  Principals send finalized letter to Print Shop in MS Word file (Include school name when saving documents, for example: SchoolName_StudentAddresses_Date)
2.  Also send Excel file of student addresses to Print Shop (school site return addresses will be printed on the envelope)
3.  Email to Print.Shop@twinriversusd.org and attach completed Print Request form
4.  Be sure to indicate if you want to include a current year's student Calendar with your letter
5.  Please do not send labels, envelopes or printed copies of your letter to the District Office or the Print Shop

Notes on the process:
  • Letters sent to the Print Shop should be "camera ready" and will be printed exactly as they are received
  • Letters should be kept to one page if possible to ensure minimal postage
  • Areas that vary by school are highlighted in yellow to make sure principals are aware of the information that needs updating - be sure to remove yellow highlight before submitting your letter to the Print Shop
  • Principals should feel free to insert additional information
  • Schools are responsible for translating modified elements
  • Modify content, font size and/or margins as needed to fit letter on one page
  • Consider sending "family count" Excel file of student addresses to reduce cost

2017 Back to School Letter Templates

Back to School Letter - Elementary School:

Back to School Letter - Middle School:

Back to School Letter - High School: