Flier Review and Distribution

Flier Review and Distribution

We appreciate the valuable information and opportunities our community partners provide to our students and families by way of fliers.

Before copying and distribution, we request that all fliers be reviewed by the Communications Office. Please submit your flier to communications@twinriversusd.org. Allow one week for a response.

Fliers will be reviewed throughout the school year and up to one week before the last day of school.

All fliers must be submitted as a PDF and include the following disclaimer, "This is not a program of the Twin Rivers Unified School District, and TRUSD accepts no liability or responsibility for this program. The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service."

Flier approval includes permission to deliver fliers to school office staff who will then distribute the fliers to students via the classroom teacher. Each school principal may refuse fliers based on available staff time or individual school situations.